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Welcome to Winery PROQIN! Our winery is dedicated to producing quality sparkling wines using traditional fermentation in the bottle and the production of still wines with special attributes.


The family winery PROQIN belong within the Czech Republic to the small winery farming on four hectares of own vineyards. In addition to the range of quality wines, we offer the traditional method sparkling wines produced by fermentation in the bottle. We offer specialties in the form of sacramental wines, ice wines, straw wines and grape oil. Our wine annually receive many awards at domestic and international competitions.

Our services include not only the production and sale of wine, but through our online shop and distribute it to your home. You can also use our newly built basement in Great Nemcice, which is available to store wine.


PROQIN specializes in the production of sparkling wines produced by hand using traditional fermentation in the bottle, at least for a period of 12 months or more. Opening sparkling wines very successfully engaged winemaker Mr. Prokes, who is great in sabrage, or chopping saber champagne or other curious subject - horseshoes, costume shoe, glasses or even a golf club. This activity is always a welcome attraction to both parties, and right in our wine cellar.

In his work PROQIN respects and develops the tradition of Moravian wine-growers. The production of still wines brings new ways of production and maturation. PROKEŠ family in Velke Nemcice also makes wine for several generations. Wine fate of family misfortune started when the 1958 great-uncle Francis drowned in wine. Now they therefore turn to wine must come back in a positive direction. The winery was founded in 2007 Father Francis Prokes and two sons, successfully worked in the past for other growers, but decided to combine their education, skill and experience in the family business, which, while not technology for hundreds of millions, but PROQIN you will not find in ordinary supermarkets. The wines are produced in limited batches for a small circle of satisfied customers.

Of the major awards shows like the title Vinaře bronze in 2012 and 2013 AWC Vienna, king of wines, Gran Prix Vinex, San Francisco International Wine Competion. In the fall of 2013, Matthias, Pinot-Chardonnay classic champagne, became the champion of the World competition sparkling wines of the Crimea. Our wine was also included in the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic.


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