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Our vineyards

The basis for quality production of each winery are excellent vineyards. The best wineries in the world, producing world-class wines, have for generations farmed vineyards, which are the source of the best wines.

Winery PROQIN grown grapevines in south-west facing vineyards with humic-sprašovitým soil type on the famous vineyard cadastre Punta wine village of Great Němčice. This unique track is located north of the 49th parallel, as well as the Champagne and Alsace. We believe that this is why there are so many varieties thrive Burgundy typical for the production of true Champagne (Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir). Also here with us is born with perfect grapes for the production of high-end sparkling wine with a fruity taste and delicate acidity. In addition, there ripen very good Rieslings from which we make fresh sparkling wine with vigorous acid. For still wines, then we can not forget the rich aromatic sauvignon and premium semi-sweet Gewürztraminer.

Worth mentioning is also leased vineyards from the parish office, which annually produced unique sacramental wine from Neuburger, Pinot Blanc and Cabernet Moravia. Through this collaboration, we are able to take care of quality vineyards used for long periods, which are its unique position in the region. Sacramental wine now gaining popularity among fans of natural wines and traditional practices. Careful preparation and respect for wine traditions are an essential component for us.

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