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What is sabrage? - Cutting tops of sekt glasses 
Sabrage = to cutt

Kamil Prokes - 3X champion in cutting sects (sabrage): At 5th international championship in cutting sects (sabrage) was able to cut off neck of a bottle of classic sparkling wine on his own head. Elegant and flashy flawless retort twelve bottles in the finals led to victory and gain the title of Master Czech republic 2009th

Sabrage The word comes from the French name for the saber (le saber), the verb "saber" then means "mow" or "chopping saber". Sabrage is classy and highly dangerous way decapping bottles of sparkling wine. The only swinging the saber is chopping off the end of the neck and the stopper. The pressure inside the bottle in conjunction with kinetic energy saber causes beautifully clean fracture at the end of the socket and then release pressure leached eventual small pieces. A proper sabrage is relatively safe and represents a guaranteed means to unique any festive occasion. Sabrage history goes back to France during the Napoleonic Wars. The origin of habit sabrage binds many legends. One of them talks about that in the reign of Napoleon was Madame Clicquot, owner and leading wineries, often exuberant hostess groups of military officers. When the soldiers were leaving drunkard, always received a bottle of champagne on the way. When riding on horseback, it was difficult to open a bottle so they laborious how to opening champagne so they drew their sabers (swords) and neck swing beheaded. Another version claims that Napoleon Hussars after victories like to get drunk, delaying the opening of the bottle around and did not want to straight down their throats slashed with sabers, often from blood enemies. The actual cutting can be done by stabbing tools, but you can also use a variety of unusual cutting tools. Among the most interesting may be mentioned glass of champagne saucer, plate, ashtray, candleholder, horseshoes, pool cue, golf club, cellar key or others.

As a champion of Moravia and II. vice-champion in 2008, I prepared a fairly intensive training, which culminated whole week before the start of the race, I snapped more than a hundred bottles to the "drinking up" have been invited friends and supporters winery PROQIN. I know that intense training is needed, since I was the only participant in the championship, which was present in any form.

The path to absolute victory of the competition the best sommeliers and winemakers led through the semifinals, where I performed a professional service and retort bottles of champagne spontaneously standing on the ground. In the end we only competed four sommeliers - best thrift store. As a winemaker from PROQIN I performed a standard way of bottle MAGNUM neck of the bottle with a volume of 1500 ml, then I continued with the opening of the classic 750 ml bottles using the garb shoes. DEMI half bottle 375 ml glass retort was on sparkling wine bottles and also the smallest on the market with a volume of 125 ml PICCOLO, which is opened with a lumberjack ax. I managed to also open at the same time two bottles of rosé champagne DANIELA by axes. The highlight of my performance as a future champion, was the retort bottles Stephanus Riesling Sekt built on his own head without holding.

"I greatly appreciate victory in this competition and the title of National Champion is for me as a winemaker PROQIN very valuable, because our winery specializes in classic sparkling wines produced by fermentation in the bottle, which alone are suitable for the ceremonial opening of the sword," O Champion Republic competed for a total of twenty-six sommeliers, including our entire sommelier tip competed representatives of Slovakia, Germany, France and even Korea.

About Kamilu Prokeš:

graduate Viticulture and winemaking at Mendel University in Brno,
Winery owner PROQIN Velké Němčice - production of classic method sparkling wines,
Champion of the Czech Republic - International Championship in cutting champagnes - sabrage,
Czech record holder in four cutting sparkling - sabrage
certificate holder taster according to DIN, ISO and ÖNORM valid throughout the European Union,
certificate holder taster State Agricultural and Food Inspection
Member of the Commission of Experts on the evaluation and classification of wines.
To ozvlášnit sparkling dicing any festive event (prom, birthday, corporate party, banquet, celebration)


Sabrage for you - sommelier show

Sample sabrage, sample chopping champagnes -

To get unique any festive event

(prom, birthday, corporate party, banquet, celebration)


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